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  • A couple of people laughed and Megan felt the mounting tension ease. She tried to keep her voice in a low whisper.
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  • One of the doors led to a bathroom larger than her dorm room with a sunk-in marble Jacuzzi tub, and huge shower with the same marble stone and at least half a dozen jets in the walls besides the shower heads.
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  • He d been with her long enough to know that she wore those 247 Ruth Ann Nordin gloves to weed the garden.
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    She sat across from Esther and placed her hands in her lap. It actually made him want to make her feel better.
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  • Charlotte gasped for breath, nearly gagging, as she rolled over. The first time she'd been in heat, and the second he'd initiated.
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  • It suited your brother well, too, when we spoke last night.
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    Whatever Cheadle had threatened to frame them with had been enough to send Reilly, despite his injuries, to Kenley that morning.
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