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Live and friendly interactive online Bingo. Jacks Live Bingo offers a fairly unique online bingo experience for internet bingo players in so far as playing bingo online is now fully interactive with a live bingo caller! Enter the bingo rooms at Jacks Live Bingo and you have live video streaming of your bingo caller who interacts with all the players typing in the bingo chat rooms making this a really great internet bingo experience!

Although currently not offering any type of no deposit required welcome bonus Jacks Live Bingo will match your initial deposit with a cash match bonus of 100% up to a maximum of £150; with bingo tickets starting at just 2p a time your initial deposit and bonus will go far.

This new bingo site has promotions a plenty with a firm favourite sure to be the free bingo sessions that play every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning for one hour. These free bingo sessions boast prizes of £5 for the one line winner, £10 for the two line winner and £20 for the full house winner so get in the rooms early to grab some Jacks Live Bingo free games!

Currently there are only two versions of the internet bingo game available at Jacks Live Bingo, 80 and 90 ball bingo, and all games are played in rotation according to the schedule at Jacks Live Bingo. With just one bingo room the chat moves fast and it’s really impressive how the live bingo caller keeps up with the chat, welcoming new players and answering any questions posed whilst calling bingo as well. This is multi tasking to the extreme!

Take a look at the schedule of games and bingo promotions on offer from Jacks Live Bingo and you can’t fail to be impressed; this site has so much going on every day of the week that you’ll find it hard to keep up with all the great offers from Jacks Live Bingo!

If you like your internet bingo live and interactive then this bingo site has to be the one for you!

*Please note that Jacks Live Bingo is part of a network of internet bingo sites using this platform. Others on the network include Bingo Hour and Boyles Bingo.

One Customer Review of “SHOOTJACK BINGO”

SHOOTJACK BINGO Review by admin, November 26, 2009

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ShootJack Casino is a new online casino that is currently in the launch phase. What makes this a particularly newsworthy item is the lengths than the developers at ShootJack Casino are going to in order to make ShootJack genuinely unique. We’re not just talking about a unique look or feel, but a wholly novel approach that really does warrant some discussion.

Let’s start with the home page. This has, in our opinion, been designed squarely for the male player, and we say that based on the design elements that have been included. For example, a shaven-headed character (who we assume is Jack) has a remarkable resemblance to Agent 47 of the Hitman video and slots games (visit Hitman Slots and see if you agree). There is also a casually suited man standing in front of a sports car, jet and an attractive model, and this is in an effort to make the site a ‘bit James Bond’.

Apart from the presentation, Shootjack has a couple of other promotional tricks up its sleeve. First, there is a Shootjack Rap song that you can play when you visit the site (yes, really!), and whatever your views on the song itself, you have to admire the sheer novelty of the concept.

Next, there is Jack’s Story, the first instalment of which is due for release on 1 December, 2009. Jack’s Story is pitched as something that will provide added entertainment for Shootjack Casino visitors, and there is also some hint of interactivity. Again, this is a novel concept, but whether or not it will go down well with online casino players remains to be seen.

Last, but not least, Shootjack Casino will boast an After Dark area that will offer adult-themed games quite apart from the regular casino games. Those games are described by our source as being ‘different but tasteful’ and so it sounds like Jack might be a bit of a lad – when he can drag himself away from the Jacks Live bingo room that he also has here…

Shootjack Casino has certainly adopted a novel approach to setting itself aside from all the other online casinos out there, but how well this new approach is received is something that we will have to wait and see.